• Sheika Petteway

Leaders Pack Light đź’ˇ

Often, the idea of effective leadership seems daunting. Where do I start to lead? What can I do to lead better? Do I have what it takes to lead? All of these questions are big and valid. An idea that can help is to think of leadership as a journey. Or, more literally, a trip. Every trip requires proper planning AND proper packing. Leadership is no different.

So, what do leaders pack? Leaders pack light. Not just in the sense that they’re not weighed down with things they don’t need (light as in weight) . . . leaders also pack light in the sense that they provide clarity and illumination (light as in a source for improved sight).

Leaders cast vision. The big picture is always in their mind. They work to keep the end goal in the mind of all partners, team members and collaborators. Most successful leaders should also be able to connect and relate well through advanced people skills. Motivating people to begin something is great BUT true leaders have the empathy to also see team members as people and help them through any challenges that arise during the process of a project. Good leaders encourage and empower others with the tools they need to strongly finish that project, as well.

So, when you decide you’re ready to improve your leadership skills . . . remember that packing light is a good place to start. Pack the light you need and leave what you don’t.

Lovely Leading,

Sheika Petteway

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