• Sheika Petteway

Five Things That Can Inspire You To Be Productive

1. Environment- Your environment can either enhance who you are or drain who you are developing into becoming. An organized, cluttered free environment helps reduce anxiety. 

2. Association- Make sure the people you associate with are an asset and not a liability. Assets add to your life and bring value; however, a person that's a liability may drain you and cause you to lose focus on your purpose. 

3. Relaxation- My motto is SELF CARE is the best care. Take time to relax and empty your mind. Relaxation will allow you to reset and refresh yourself. 

4. Reflection- Take time to reflect on your decisions, interactions, mindset, etc. Self-reflection can lead to personal growth and self-awareness.

5. Resources- The foundation of productivity is resources. You do not have to know everything or be everywhere, you just have to plug into the right resources and connection.

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