• Sheika Petteway

A More Complex Form

What does it mean to evolve? The definition of evolve is to develop gradually from a simple to a more complex form. There is a difference between evolving and growing. To grow is to increase in size. Yes, we all would like our numbers to grow, organizations to grow, bank accounts to grow, etc., more importantly having those things to evolve increase sustainability and longevity.

By nature, we tend to devote more time and attention to our short comings verses our strengths. For example, we will have success on 70% of the project and be down about the 30%. In this season, I chose not to reward excellence with apathy instead I am devoted to investing more time in areas where I have the most potential for greatness. Let’s not be stuck just growing (only increasing in size) without evolving into our most complex forms.

🥰 Sheika Petteway

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